Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea x Champion, 1999

Champion’s involvement in English football is limited to a spell with Wigan Athletic in the 2008-09 season, but that doesn’t that we can wonder about what might have been.

That’s what Ollie Glavill did with his request:

We decided to take that suggestion and run it with, coming up with first and second kits for the blues. Parma’s strip was yellow and blue hoops at the time and obviously that exact style wouldn’t work for Chelsea, so we went with tonal hoops, referencing the Le Coq Sportif strips of the 1980s.

It’s a similar story with the change strip, with blue featuring a bit more, along with a reversal of the real Parma hooped socks.

As always, we’re thankful to those make requests as they’re what make FKF – if we had to come with something every week, we’d definitely have run out of steam by now. Suggestions, and feedback, always welcome @museumofjerseys.

4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea x Champion, 1999

  1. Riccardo Giannini

    You make me die with these posts .. I would inundate with requests, but I hold back: D
    The yellow kit is wonderful!

  2. Jordi

    I was thinking in something closer to our tradition. It is also true that the main umbro masterpieces I have ln mind did not have stripes


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