Fantasy Kit Friday – Coventry mid-1990s adidas

At the turn of the year, in a conversation about how rugby union side Harlequins should never need a change kit, Daniel Crossman – a renowned designer in his own right – threw in a suggestion:

Daniel’s choice for the Coventry home strip was that which was used by Liverpool from 1993-95, with his preference for white as the secondary colour:

In the summer of 1993, Coventry switched from Ribero to Pony, who delved into the Sky Blues’ back catalogue to come up with a green and black striped away shirt.

The shorts and socks of the change strip it was based on were black, but on theory for Pony’s decision to have green was so as to limit the clash with the kits of the Premier League officials. From 1992-93, referees had a new kit of green shirts with black pinstripes, black shorts and black socks, but a back-up shirt of black with green pinstripes was available. With Coventry wearing green shorts and socks, it meant that there was little confusion against the officials’ alternative option.

That’s a long explanation for why we have replicated Pony’s decision, using the 1994 Argentina shirt as the base design.

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