Fantasy Kit Friday – Premier League classic sponsors

Today’s FKF comes courtesy of the team at Beyond The Touchline, a new football podcast that’s not actually about football – you really should check it out.

There is an element of self-promotion at play in that yours truly is a part of this new initiative, but Seb Patrick and David Hartrick are the real brains behind it and this deviation from the ‘normal’ kind of FKF.

It was something mooted by Seb a while back, to redo the current Premier League teams’ kits with ‘classic’ sponsors and both he and David put their brains in gear to come up with the 20 chosen.

Before you tell us how wrong the choices are, bear in mind that a condition imposed was that any sponsor picked for this had to still exist, so, for example, Dagenham Motors wasn’t an option for West Ham United. In addition, modern-day logos are used.

Feedback is welcome as always, along with requests for future FKFs, comment below or get in touch on Twitter @museumofjerseys.

3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Premier League classic sponsors

  1. Jordi

    That west ham shirt is brilliant. It is sad they did not have this sponsorship in their lovelly shirts from the 80s

  2. Tony Wright

    i always liked sanderson for southampton, but then again im a wednesdayite (and yeah i think they still exist)


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