Fantasy Kit Friday – Aston Villa Hummel extension, 1990

Aston Villa have had two three-year spells with Hummel, 1987-90 and 2004-07, and today’s FKF features a request to see how they would have looked if they had stayed longer the first time.

After Graham Taylor departed Villa Park for the England job following a second-placed finish in 1990, Villa switched to Umbro for three years, but Phil Passey wanted us to reimagine the club in the lesser-known but highly-rated Hummel style used by Denmark in their unsuccessful Euro 92 qualifying campaign (before problems with Yugoslavia saw them take part in the finals, winning the competition).

As blue contrast sleeves would have looked a bit too much like the previous Villa Hummel kit (which featured some odd-looking mashups), Phil asked for claret with blue panelling, which calls to mind the Villa Le Coq Sportif shirt from the mid-1980s, and which the current home strip is based on.

While black was the secondary colour for Villa’s last Hummel change strip and first away kit produced by Umbro, we’ve kept things more traditional to allow for the usage of the away sets with the home shirt more easily.

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2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Aston Villa Hummel extension, 1990

  1. Alan Prior

    Can you do a Portsmouth one in an Adidas style please Dennis?
    Pompey have never had Adidas and with our colours I can imagine it looking like a France kit.


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