Fantasy Kit Friday – Middlesbrough Nike 2000-01

Middlesbrough have only featured once before on FKF – with mixed results – so for today’s offering Stu from Boro Shirts is the man making the call for the home kit.

He opted for the Rangers 2000-01 away style, one which offers a new twist on the white band which is so synonymous with Boro. Incidentally, the real Boro home kit that season was a recolouring of their 1999-2000 away.

Stu let us make the decision on the change kit. Keeping the black, white and red colour-scheme of real life, we used the 2000-02 Arsenal home strip as the base.

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1 comment on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Middlesbrough Nike 2000-01

  1. George Dyer

    Can you do Portsmouth 94/95 in 90s Lotto or Kappa – AC Milan or Juventus

    George Dyer @geroged


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