Fantasy Kit Friday – Arsenal in Admiral

Today’s request comes from Jim O’Farrell:

After the question being asked, it is of course one of those you think should have been done ages ago. Admiral never made it to Highbury, of course – not for the want of trying but we’d imagine that the power-brokers in N5 were a bit too conservative – but it is nonetheless fun to speculate.

While Admiral did have quite a few countries and clubs on their books, contrasting-sleeve designs were thin on the ground so we have used the 1979 Norwich City away as the base for the Arsenal home.

Raglan sleeves would have been seen as a big departure for the Gunners at the time, so we’ve kept the Admiral logos red on a white strip as the opposite would have broken the sleeves and that might have been a step too far.

Then, for the away, the classic Admiral tramlines look is called into action, rather than just replicating the Southampton change strip. A bolder option would have been a large central, as in real life.

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