Fantasy Kit Friday – Portsmouth 1990s special

A happy confluence of events today – recent weeks have seen two Portsmouth requests, independent of each other, and we felt these Pompey FKFs chimed.

George Dyer wanted to see what the south-coast club would look like in mid-1990s Lotto styles. The AC Milan away/Wales home is the basis for the home, with the away based on the Welsh change strip while the third had chalkstripes in real life so we’ve tweaked the Milan home design.

(Huey Lewis refused to be involved in the sponsorship deal as he’s a Southampton fan.)

Meanwhile, Alan Prior got in touch to ask for late 1990s adidas. Obviously, there is the considerable likelihood of such a kit looking like France – or Yugoslavia, who had re-entered the international fray at this time, before they came became Serbia and switched to red.

For the home, we have gone for the Tottenham Hotspur 1999-2000 style, while the away is based on Bayern Munich’s home (the real-life away didn’t have a sponsor but it looked quite bare).

There was no third kit in reality but, given the amount of blue on this changed kit, one might have been required and we’ve opted for the Newcastle United away as the basis for it.

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2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Portsmouth 1990s special

  1. Ryan Frost (@theryanfrost)

    Hi – Can you do Palace in 96/97 Umbro please? Home would be the Everton away (one of my favourite ever kits) but in red/blue stripes (can use different blue shades for the fade effect), away can be the Forest home but in white with blue trim, and third can be Inter Milan away but in yellow. Cheers!!! Great site by the way!


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