Fantasy Kit Friday – Netherlands adidas 2010

The Netherlands are strongly associated with adidas, having worn it in two World Cup finals and in their successful Euro 88 campaign.

However, not since 1990 have the Dutch worn the three stripes, switching to Lotto in 1991 before joining forces with Nike in 1996 and remaining with the American firm since then.

It’s a combination ripe for resurrecting in an FKF, and Brian O’Halloran wanted something based on the classic 1978 style – he initially asked for a 2018 version and we may try that in the future but for now we will go with a 2010 edition, which ties in with the real-life kit, which also had historical influences.


Feedback is welcome, along with requests for future FKFs, either in the comments below or on Twitter @museumofjerseys.

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  1. Andrew Gillan

    Keeping the 2010 theme, it would be interesting to see an Adidas variation of the Dutch away kit from that tournament perhaps done in the style of the French home kit, which also featured chevrons (of a sort).


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