Fantasy Kit Friday, 20-9-19

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A trio of requests today. First up, it’s Andy NC, looking for adidas-to-Nike mid-1990s Levski Sofia switch:


A more up-to-date request features Arsenal as the subject rather than the base kit.


The ‘problem’ with that new West Ham style is that the secondary colour is far more prominent than normal, so much so that the Hammers have claret shorts and socks this season.

An Arsenal version following similar logic wouldn’t look right, but would white shorts and red give socks give a better overall balance?

And finally, as the Rugby World Cup began today, a topical suggestion:


Feedback, or requests for future FKFs, are welcome, either in the comments below or by tweeting us @museumofjerseys.

3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday, 20-9-19

  1. TC

    Here’s a FKF suggestion… how’s about a “what if” Umbro gave Man Utd the kits worn by England (and vice versa) from 92-02. So the ‘92 Utd ‘laces’ kit was actually for England, and the blocky France ‘98 design was given to Utd etc. Would love the old Wembley in the detail on a ‘94 England shirt!


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