5 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Liverpool Uhlsport 1996

  1. Great job. FKF Idea: Chelsea F.C. on Nike (1991-92 Borussia Dortmund style for the home kit. You can choose the style for the away kit).

  2. After a conversation with a mate about what constitutes a half and half kit that probably got a little too heated could you try Blackburn Rovers in the style of Barcelona’s 06-07 kit to prove that I’m right.


  3. Great stuff. That Uhlsport design is nuts.

    FKF idea: An alternate universe where the winner of the Champions League wears a gold kit in the following season. You can pick the team and the year (eg: Liverpool this year, Real Madrid last year, Inter in ’10/11, Dortmund in ’97/98, etc.).

    The idea is that the kit template would be the same as the team wore that year (same manufacturer, same design, same sponsors), but in gold rather than their usual colour.

    It’s a bit different to the usual FKF requests, but I reckon it would be interesting.

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