Fantasy Kit Friday – 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Catalonia

A few weeks back, we did a Liverpool version of the 1996 Hamburg kit, and one of the comments from Tom Leonard caught our attention:

After a conversation with a mate about what constitutes a half-and-half kit that probably got a little too heated, could you try Blackburn Rovers in the style of Barcelona’s 06-07 kit to prove that I’m right?

Now, we’ll issue our disclaimer at the outset: we have no idea on which side of the argument Tom lay, and we realise that some will view the finished article as sacrilegious, but nevertheless, FKF exists to carry out the wishes of those making the requests.

Blackburn did actually have Nike for a three-year period, breaking up a run of Umbro that stretches back to 2007. In 2014-15, the American firm did actually reverse the usual order of the blue and white halves, but the composition was the usual halved kind.

Obviously, there are notable Barcelona shirts, like 1999-2000 and 2008-09, that would have easily fitted the halved bill, but how would the following have gone down at Ewood Park?


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3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Catalonia

  1. Tom

    In my book this is a half and half kit and far from being sacrilegious. I love it.

    Any chance of a canal city kit swap with Birmingham City and Venezia? Any kit from any era. Dealer’s choice.


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