4 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Manchester United adidas 2002

  1. Very interesting designs. I always felt a bit disappointed with Nike’s kits for United – in my opinion the only classic home kit they produced was the 2006/07 one. It would be a pretty big project, but I’d love to see how things would have turned out if United had stayed with Umbro throughout the 2000’s, particularly into the “Tailored by…” era.

  2. Hi, I wondered if you could do a FKF for Premier League seasons 92-3 & 93-4 for Coventry City? I was gutted we had Ribero kits at a time that Umbro were producing some outstanding kits. Could you do an Umbro ‘new contract’ design (rather than the rollover Div1 designs) for 92-3 based on the ribero strip, with a requirement for a third kit that season and an updated away for 93-4 both based on the pony away colours from 94-6?
    The temptation would be to look to the Man City kits but I’m sure you’ll use your imagination! GK would also be interesting.

  3. Hi MoJ,

    A huge fan of your work.
    Do you take requests? I am having a party and want to use these kit templates as table centrepieces.

    These are the kits I would love to use:

    Chelsea (H) 11/12
    Chelsea (A) 94/96
    Juventus (A) 03/04
    Ajax (H) 96/97
    Watford (H) 98/99
    Bristol City (H) 17/18
    Inter (Third) 97/98

    I am not sure if you have already done these or not, I tried to find a couple of them but couldn’t see them anywhere.

    Is there anyway you could help me with this?



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