Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 17

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Things to note this week:

  • Everton wore change shorts at Manchester United but retained their home socks, meaning that they have now worn all four blue and white shorts/socks combinations, as they did last season
  • Less noticeable at Old Trafford – and thanks to United Kits for making us aware – was the fact that David de Gea wore the ‘proper’ version of his black shirt, having worn a replica shirt earlier in the season. The difference can be seen in the crests – the replica is on the left with the authentic on the right:
  • Tottenham Hotspur inexplicably wore their change shirts at Wolverhampton Wanderers, whose black socks forced Spurs to use their home socks with away shirt and shorts (which are the home shorts too)
  • While they have used blue change socks twice lately, Manchester City opted for their black change kit at Arsenal. Gunners goalkeeper and the match officials were all in blue


Bournemouth and Newcastle United maintain their perfect records in Matt Smith’s Away Kits Table.


This week’s scores:
Watford 3
Newcastle 3
Bournemouth 3
Norwich 3
Aston Villa 3
West Ham 3
Everton 1
Tottenham 0
Manchester City 1
Brighton 3

Spurs have traditionally worn all-white to avoid a dark shorts clash in games such as the one at Molineux, so what were they thinking this time? The shorts clash remained, one was averted with the socks and a change shirt is used when it wasn’t needed. Impossible to begin to work it out.

Whilst accepting Manchester City had to make some sort of change at the Emirates with both sides in white shorts and socks, it really doesn’t have to be the whole kit.

Everton going all Chelsea never looks right. Well done on changing the shorts, the socks were a step too far.

2 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 17

  1. Svyt

    Why only 1 point for Everton? Only because they look like Chelsea? White socks are default and there was only short clash but no socks so no necessary to change to blue vs black.

    1. Svyt

      Nevermind, i just remember that Everton used all blue at Old Trafford many times even it wasn’t necessary, and yes it’s strange to see them looking like Chelsea. Sorry.


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