Fantasy Kit Friday – Liverpool/Manchester United 1980s swap

Back in late September, we did a Liverpool version of the 1996-97 Hamburg kit and Nicholas Young left a comment:

How about a swap of Liverpool and Man United adidas kits from the 80s? Home and away of course.

A big undertaking, so we decided to leave it until Christmas. Obviously, there is a challenge in that for the latter half of the decade both clubs had adidas kits so you’re trying to avoid having them look like themselves. In that regard, a small bit of poetic licence was necessary but we’ve tried to be faithful in terms of swapping the real-life kit-launch years.

Feedback is welcome on how successfully or not we’ve done that, comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

Liverpool 1980

Manchester United 1980

Liverpool 1982

Manchester United 1982

Liverpool 1984

Manchester United 1985

Liverpool 1986

Manchester United 1987

Liverpool 1988

Manchester United 1989

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