Fantasy Kit Friday – if Arsenal had stayed with Umbro

Today’s request comes from Jim O’Farrell, who wondered how Arsenal might have looked if they had stayed with Umbro rather than switching to adidas in 1986.

This one covers 1986-90, we will have another instalment in the near future. For the 1986 kits, Nottingham Forest’s styles form the basis, even down to the way that the home and away shirts had different fabric patterns.

Then, for the 1988 kits, England’s kits of the time are the inspiration.

Feedback welcome, as ever, as are future requests – comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

5 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – if Arsenal had stayed with Umbro

  1. Charlie Steele

    I know I’m revealing my youth here but something about JVC on an Umbro shirt just doesn’t look right to me!

    1. denishurley Post author

      Didn’t even think of that! Good shout, though Aberdeen’s pattern was a bit different.

  2. Martin O'Rourke

    The ’88 kits are works of art! They’d have been two of the all-time classics had they happened.


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