Fantasy Kit Friday – England 1993 adidas

England-1993-adidas-home-fantasy-Bayern-01England and adidas – it’s probably never going to happen, realistically.

It’s unlikely that Nike will willingly give up what one presumes is one of their best-selling lines. Even if that were to happen, there would surely be a groundswell of opinion for a return to Umbro. If the FA were to partner with adidas, you don’t need a vivid imagination to foresee how some tabloid newspapers would greet the advent of a German company making England kits.

However, even if such a union never materialises, we always have Fantasy Kit Friday and today we deal with a request from Martyn Bardwell, who asked for England in 1993 adidas styles.England-1993-adidas-away-Fantasy-Liverpool-03-01

The home strip is based on the design used by Bayern Munich, Standard Liege and others, an extension of the original 1991 adidas Equipment style.

Then, the away – featuring red shorts, as the real-life 1994-96 change kit did – uses the template first seen on Liverpool and Cork City in 1993-94 before coming to worldwide prominence on Bulgaria, Norway, Romania and Sweden at the 1994 World Cup.

The use of different types of adidas striping means that interchangeability is hindered, but in reality, England didn’t wear a home/away mashup between the 1993 US Cup and the 1998 World Cup. Prior to the game against Argentina in 1998, all-white hadn’t been seen since the 1991 summer tour of Australasia.

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3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – England 1993 adidas

  1. Bedder

    Nice! I think the home would be better with blue stripes and the away with white, but I can see why you did it that way round, the away would just be basically a Liverpool kit with different detailing! There’s a lot of possibilities with this one, I wonder how the sky blue away could have been handled! I think one day we will see a tribute to this template, the 90s are so hip right now, if I had to guess, I’d say the original template will be the one brought back, it’s more stylish IMO and the angle/length of the stripes is closer to those of the three stripe logo.

    1. Jordi

      Nowadays is forbidden due to uefa rules. Its too much advertising for them… funny when for example barça has 2 or 3 different brands in their shirt plus nike


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