Fantasy Kit Friday – Porto adidas 2002

Today’s request comes from Riccardo Giannin, curator of the site Il Bazar del Calcio, which we would recommend checking out (with the aid of your online translation tool of choice).

Previously, Riccardo had an FKF for his beloved Milan but this one focuses on Porto. When I was growing up, the Portuguese side were heavily associated with adidas but in 1997 they switched to Kappa and then in 2000 to Nike, with whom they remained until 2014 before moving to Warrior and latterly New Balance. Riccardo asked for a 2002 adidas makeover, with the Milan home template used for the stripes.

If you would like to see a particular FKF done, comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Porto adidas 2002

  1. rikygiannini

    Thanks dear, thanks also for the link!
    The shirts are fantastic, I had no doubt. I can’t choose my favorite between yellow and dark blue

  2. Graham Campbell

    The only kit manufacturer I’ve wanted Hearts to have but never seen is Nike. Any chance of picking your favourite Nike kits from the 90’s/00’s/10’s and giving them the Jambo treatment? Thanks

      1. Graham Campbell

        Hi Denis,

        If you can, the following templates would be good

        1990’s – USA 1998 Home/Away
        2000’s – Arsenal 2003-2004 Away
        2010’s – Current Roma 3rd Kit


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