Fantasy Kit Friday – England/Scotland 1990 and 1998

A brilliantly simple request from Top Corner Shirts, the kind that you’d think would surely have come up in the previous four years:

Because England had the same shirts for Euro 92 as they had had at Italia 90, we limited this to the two World Cups – Scotland’s 1992 shirt was of a different design vintage too, so a straightforward swap was easier for 1990.

The 1998 switch might have been a bit more of a head-melt had Scotland not got new shirts for the tournament as they, like England, had released a new kit in the autumn of 1996 using the same cut and collar style. However, they brought out a new one for France whereas England kept what they had – not until Euro 2012 would they have a ‘new’ home shirt.

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6 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – England/Scotland 1990 and 1998

  1. Keir Husband

    I think this shows how good (superb even) the 1990 strips of both countries were. The changes with the swaps are subtle but each remains an excellent kit in its own right and, as a Scotland fan who loves the 1990 strip, I would be equally proud of that kit.
    The 1998 kits less so. I think England do better from the swap, although this could be because I don’t like red on the Scotland shirt (the 97 shirt is my least favourite Scotland shirt ever possibly for that reason) and the new version has a lot on it. The England 98 swap strip is ok, but the collar doesn’t seem to work as well as it did on the Scotland kit. In addition both kits are hampered by the decision (at the time) to use the umbro name, and not the double diamond logo, and accompany with the central linear placement of the branding and badge.

    1. denishurley Post author

      Cheers Keri, there is a bit too much clutter in 1998 with everything central – those numbers were barely kept on the shirts!

  2. Jamie

    Love the 90 swap. The 98 Scotland does feel familiar, as suggested. I do like the 98 england version though.
    A FKF request, if I may? We all seem to love the late 80s/90 serie A vintage strips. As a Coventry fan, as much as I love our hummel strip from that time, I’d like to see your take on an Enerre strip from that time (differing maybe from Napoli, who have a similar colour scheme), classic Milan adidas and Juventus kappa. CCFC’s plain and striped combos over the years hopefully inspire!
    Many thanks,


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