Fantasy Kit Friday – Nottingham Forest 1984, Aston Villa 1995

Two request today, because we’re feeling nice. The first one is an indirect one focusing on Nottingham Forest:

Nottingham-Forest-1985-adidas-fantasy-away-01The last home kit of Forest’s first tenure with adidas lasted from 1984-86 and replaced the pinstriped shirt which had had a three-season lifespan.

However, the pinstriped away wasn’t replaced and, by the time of Forest’s move from adidas to Umbro in 1986, it had clocked up five years of service.

As mentioned above, Matt Appleby sought an away version of the new home in the away colours adidas used, yellow and blue, albeit with blue shorts rather than the usual all-yellow look.

Aston-Villa-1995-Asics-Fantasy-Leeds-home-01Aston-Villa-1995-Asics-Fantasy-Leeds-away-01Andrew Taylor’s interesting proposal was to see what life might have been like if Asics had gone retro with Aston Villa if they had remained together, as they had with Leeds.

Villa had a crew neck in the 1960s, and though the ‘AV’ rampant lion crest was later with an inset-neck wing collar, the simplistic approach fits better, we feel.

Villa rotated their sock colour during the 1960s and 1970s, so we’ve stuck with the claret that they had in real life from 1995-97 with Reebok – three different styles – whiel the two-tone blue away is retained, too.

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    I continue with the requests my friend: D
    Napoli 1997-98 Lotto home, away, third and goalkeeper kit
    Thanks so much 🙂


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