2 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur 1991-92 official merchandise catalogue

  1. I always thought in this season ( my 2nd as a spurs fan) that the navy spurs gk shirt was the 1st choice with the home outfield kits (and indeed the ONLY choice with the yellow away outfield kit) and the yellow was the change keeper jersey however looking at the catalogue numbers I’m guessing the opposite was true?😮 either way as a spurs fan I’ve got a general weakness for an all navy gk kits ever since ( indeed navy shirts was the outfield 1st choice before white then did become the home shirt while the navy became the away colours until it became illegal in the late 60s due to clash with refs kits so change became yellow like arsenal at the same time) otherwise I have a preference for our 1st/or 2nd keeper kit to be all dark green … I like spurs to keep yellow as both a gk third kit colour and the same as outfields 3rd kit colours at spurs as that leaves the away outfield shirt as either sky blue/navy/or combo of both with the colours of away shorts and socks the exact opposites of home kits set.

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