5 thoughts on “Assorted kit advertisements from Shoot!, 1990-91

  1. I was a Shoot! subscriber at the time and spent many hours looking longingly at these adverts. Good that they got an Olf Thon/Jurgen Kohler lookalike to model the Germany tracksuit!

  2. I VIVIDLY remember some of these! Especially the Gascoigne and Bourne Sports ones!

    As you say, they dumbed down a lot and was grateful for 90 Minutes around 1994-96 and then FourFourTwo.

    Golden age of print.

  3. Love seeing these ads again. Replica World was another Shoot/Match favourite, and Sukan Sports for the goalkeeping aficionado. The days of sending off sterling drafts or international money orders in the hope of getting a catalogue back (and eventually, the shirts themselves). Until we discovered The Soccer Shop on George’s Street… kit nirvana!

  4. MY WORD! I used to LUST over these ads for hours on end. Living in Canada after emigrating from Liverpool meant i craved every single chance for nostalgia and links from home, I was working in a football shop in Edmonton, Alberta when most of this stuff was on sale in 1990, but there was only so much we had in stock. I happily owned the adidas Italia 90 sweatshirt and wish i had it to this day, the Etrusco line of boots is one i wished i had bought even though they were outrageously priced back then ($180 CDN) and i cannot tell you how much i wanted one of those adidas Promo jackets for the harsh Alberta winters. Please PLEASE keep this line of articles up, and may Shoot! magazine in its former iteration rest in peace. Thanks Denis!

  5. If I was able to get a Delorean time machine, I would go back and buy one of everything in these catalogues… <3

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