Serie A, 1990-91 – recap and poll

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We do hope you enjoyed the series covering what we feel is close to being the best league season for kits, the 1990-91 Serie A Campaign. In case you missed it, you can catch up here:

We’re curious though as to what the general feeling is as regards the cream of that crop, so we’ve opened it to the floor. You can vote for two home kits (including both of Napoli’s) and two change strips (as only three teams had third kits, they are all included, as well as Roma’s two options and the poll will remain open until 1pm on Sunday.

1 comment on “Serie A, 1990-91 – recap and poll

  1. James Welham

    Looking at this on my work laptop, mildly surprised it hasn’t been blocked by the porn filter. I mean just look at those kits. JUST. LOOK.


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