4 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Hibernian adidas 1993

  1. For a future Fantasy Kit Friday: Manchester City in early 1980’s Adidas.

    Home: Same as Manchester United’s 1980-82 home, but with sky blue replacing the red, and for the socks, sky blue with maroon on the turnover with white stripes.

    Away: Inspired by the 1956 FA Cup shirt, the away kit would be maroon with white pinstripes (similar to what the Soviet Union and Ipswich wore)

    Third: Considering former City manager Malcolm Allison gave Crystal Palace the double-sash, the third kit would be the same as Palace’s 1980-83 home but with the black replacing the blue.

  2. What about the home in the style for arsenal home of the era? I am not to keen on the white sleves while having the 3 stripes down the shirt
    And i loved that template in Liverpool home

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