Fantasy Kit Friday – Leeds United adidas 1988 and 2004

Leeds United’s new adidas home strip was finally revealed this week. While it’s a nice design, we feel that it could have done with some yellow trim and Jim Hearson agreed:

Paint or not, it’s so well-executed that we could actually just leave that as today’s offering but, after some discussions with Jim, we decided to go retro with Leeds/adidas instead.

Back in July 2016, one of the first FKFs we did was Leeds in early 1990s adidas Equipment stylings, so that era was avoided. Instead, we did two other eras. First, 1988, with the home using the ubiquitous diagonal parallelograms and the away based upon the Netherlands Euro 88-winning design.

In addition, Jim suggested an alternative reality where Leeds avoided relegation in 2004 and signed up with the German firm. The home is again a design that was common that year, while the away is the Argentina home style.

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2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Leeds United adidas 1988 and 2004

    1. Jordi

      I do not like many of the templates between 1998 and 2006 so the modern fkf for leeds does not work for me.
      However i do love the 80s designs specially the yellow one as its based in one top 3 shirts of national teams shirts


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