Fantasy Kit Friday – Merseyside 1990-91 swap

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Today’s request comes from Leighton:

We have previously done a mid-80s Everton/Liverpool swap, so this request is a nice continuation of the canon. For today, we’ve decided to focus on the first one, 1990-91, not least because it fits in with last Wednesday’s post. The 1996-97 switch will follow at a later date. Yes, that is Wayne Rooney as Everton mascot.

Everton had introduced a new home strip for the 1989 FA Cup final against Liverpool and it was in its second season of usage in 1990-91, while the zig-zag change kit was in its first campaign. Liverpool were on the home straight with their 1989 strips, with a big change in the offing.

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4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Merseyside 1990-91 swap

  1. Jamie

    That Everton away has all the hallmarks of a classic… Will be interesting to see the third colour you introduce for Liverpool on the 96/7 umbro strip

  2. Richard Aspden

    Thanks Denis. This post reminds me, on eBay a while back somewhere in the far East was selling a blue version of the Liverpool home – pretty much the same as your design above but with Liverpool badge and sponsor (obviously). Although clearly not genuine in any way I ordered one as I liked the concept. Sadly the sizing was way off and the medium I ordered was more a kids size so it never gets worn. Not sure what my Everton supporting wife would make of it.

  3. Martin O'Rourke

    I think all four work superbly, particularly the aways. The panels on the Liverpool home shorts might seem anathema to an all-red kit, but considering the actual Adidas shorts (and what was to come with the Equipment templates), not all that unusual for the time.


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