4 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – changed change kits

  1. Think the all red kit should of been the England euro 96 away kit ……however especially with the white numbers with red trim I will strongly argue that While the grey England kit was one off the worst England away kits ever… …… I still maintain that it was the best England 3rd kit that never was…… while the 1970/late80s/early90s all sky blue Kits looked better At first glance and was just as practical vs Denmark (when in Arsenal style white sleeves red body ) and Turkey (either mid 80s half red half white shirts or Middlesbrough style all red with big white chest yoke style) the grey is more practical vs semi regular World Cup opposition Paraguay ( red and white stripes shirts with blue shorts …socks are either all white or all blue or red and white stripes… and even more regular opponents Croatia checkered red and white shirts with normally white shorts and blue socks…… in both/all four cases if the opponent keeps their full home kit on the all grey works too distinguished the two nations/teams apart so to clarify if I was England’s kit designer
    I would have……
    Home kit=white shirt and socks navy shorts (white alternate shorts ) All numbers red with navy trim except on navy shorts which are white with red trim.
    Away kit= red shirts and socks white shorts ( red alternate shorts) All numbers white with navy trim except on white shorts which are red with navy trim still.
    3rd kit=all grey kit with white numbers with red trim
    While I change the home and away kits on a normal 2 year cycle I would “market “ the 3rd kit as only changing once a decade (nba/nhl style) and only making a limited number per year say 1,996 in all sizes added together!…… and then with the goalies ………
    1st GK kit yellow top with black trim/ number worn either with modern yellow shorts and socks or Italy 90 style black shorts and socks
    2nd GK kit top of any blue shade… Whatever is the current fashion either Mexico 1970 royal blue or
    Late 80s early 90s sky blue or
    Late 90s navy blue with white and red trim
    Whatever the above is chosen it gets “paired” with navy shorts and socks…… the navy socks can even be used with outfield home or away kits in an emergency
    3rd Gk kit all British racing green.

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