Premier League kit-tracker 2020-21, gameweeks 4-6

We’re finally up to date with the tracker.

Notable items in Gameweek 4:

  • Brighton & Hove Albion, Liverpool, Manchester City and Sheffield United gave first outing to away or third shirts (with change socks in United’s case)
  • Crystal Palace wore their home socks with the change shirt and shorts at Chelsea
  • Burnley used sky-blue change socks at Newcastle
  • Fulham played in white shorts at Wolves

Matt Smith’s Away Kits Table after six games is at the bottom of this article – these were his scores for the kit selections by the visitors:

Crystal Palace 3, Brighton 3, Man City 3, Burnley 3, West Ham 3, West Brom 3, Sheffield United 3, Fulham 3, Tottenham 3, Liverpool 3

It’s full marks across the board. Credit specifically to Burnley for their use of alternative sky blue socks to avoid a dark clash at Newcastle. Don’t think it’ll be the last time we are Sheffield United’s third kit, that pink away shirt isn’t going to be much of an alternative.


  • Fulham played in their new away strip for the first time, with Burnley and Wolves premiering their third kits
  • Southampton followed Crystal Palace’s lead in wearing home socks with white shirt and shorts away to Chelsea
  • Manchester United appeared in red-white-white at Newcastle – their third home kit combination already this season
  • Brighton used the home shorts with the away shirt and socks at Crystal Palace – while the shorts have yellow trim, it’s a more golden shade
  • West Ham United wore change socks at Tottenham – but they were special claret pairs rather than the sky-blue away set
  • The West Brom-Burnley gave saw the first use of the new purple officials’ shirt

Matt’s away-team scores: Liverpool 3, Southampton 0, Arsenal 0, Manchester United 3, Fulham 3, Brighton 3, West Ham 3, Aston Villa 3, Burnley 1, Wolves 0

Ridiculous choices by Arsenal and Wolves ensure a zero. Southampton’s wasn’t as bad but they didn’t need to change to white. Brighton’s mixing of their away and home kits was good to see in avoiding a shorts clash at Palace. The world would be a better place if this happened more.


  • Just the one new shirt in gameweek 6 – Everton’s third at Southampton as their unbeaten run came to an end
  • Sheffield United used change ‘sand’ shorts with the green kit at Liverpool – the default all-green version has yet to be seen
  • Newcastle used white alternative shorts at Wolves – once again, the use of a black Puma logo was avoided

Matt’s scores: Leeds 1, Man City 1, Crystal Palace 3, Sheffield United 3, Chelsea 3, Everton 0, Newcastle 3, Leicester 3, West Brom 3, Tottenham 3

After their impressive start to the season, you can bet a few Everton fans will be wanting no more unnecessary kit changes like that used at St Mary’s.

Tremendous use of alternative shorts by Newcastle. Leeds changed to avoid a shorts clash but the result made everything seem so dark.

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  1. Eric Overpeck

    Hi again…Continue to love your work, but probably need to point out that this particular post has one major flaw. The image that was intended to be used for the actual record of “Gameweek 4” has been switched with the image for “Gameweek 6” resulting in two sixes and no four at all.

    Thanks again for all the great work. I would love to share my grids with you from last few seasons but I have been unable to determine a method to attach an excel file to this blog.

    May need to get an email. I can be found with erico555@yahoo


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