4 thoughts on “Poll: Tottenham Hotspur all-white strips

  1. I actually like the new one, it’s simple has just a subtle amount of navy blue and key for me – it has a white collar – all spurs’ home shirts should have a white collar.

    I shall be different here, whilst it now has grown on me as it has some level of nostalgia, I never did like the original Hummel kit at the time, especially as it followed the Le Coq self (shadow) striped shirts, which are my all time favourites.

    Also, a point of clarification, Spurs started wearing all white in 1956 in floodlit friendlies and in the 1956 Anglo-Scottish Floodlit League

  2. Just watch Spurs wear white-navy-navy at Stamford Bridge despite wearing white shorts as first choice ffs

    1. White-white-blue looks silly IMO.

      Never a fan of matching shirt and shorts with different colour socks.

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