Fantasy Kit Friday, 16-6-17

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Two for one again today – while it’s two different teams, they are linked by design and the person who requested them.

Jordinho has been a regular correspondent on Twitter and he has been in touch twice in recent times to make FKF suggestions. The first was a mix of Bayern Munich’s 1991-93 style – the adidas Equipment over-the-shoulder look – with the colours of their 1997-99 home kit (which are to form the basis for their new 2017-18 away too).


He followed that up then with another idea for that design. While the Netherlands had adidas at the 1990 World Cup, they switched to Lotto during the Euro 92 qualifying campaign.

Had they stayed with adidas…


1 comment on “Fantasy Kit Friday, 16-6-17

  1. James

    Ooof. Unpopular opinion I know, but I really liked that adidas template. At the time, it seemed so exciting, so different. And these two are cracking.


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