Fantasy Kit Friday – Manchester United, 1988

Our Fantasy Kit Friday offering of April 28 was notable in that we did 1993 adidas kits for Rangers, effectively reversing their two-year cycle – in reality, they got new home shirts in 1992 and 1994.

A fortnight ago, David Clarke got in touch with a kind of related request. Instead of Manchester United’s actual 1988-90 kits, he wanted:

It was something we were more than happy to deal with. Obviously, there is the danger of a red version of the Netherlands shirt looking like USSR, but hopefully the extra black bits aided the differentiation:


United and adidas wouldn’t go with a blue away until 1990. Instead of a white reversal of the home in 1988, might they have been better off with this?


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  1. Bård

    The home shirt looks great! Away shirt is exiting, but it´s a challenge with the sponsor print (could’ve been a training shirt, hehe) Thought about a United shirt in a France 98 style.. But again with the sponsor print..


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