Fantasy Kit Friday, 21-7-17

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It’s just over two months since Andrew Taylor got in touch with a request to redo Nottingham Forest’s mid-90s Umbro outfits as Aston Villa kits.

Obviously, the 90s were fairly full-on in terms of design, so it has taken a while to find the time – and the mental resolve – to have a go at them.

The home wasn’t too hard to draw, to be fair. The main quibble people might have is the absence of blue sleeves but we tried that, with the side panels in white or gold, and it was a bit of a mess. The claret socks are perhaps not ideally Villa either, but they did have them on their actual Reebok kit at the time.


The away was a different matter altogether. Full of the excesses which characterised the early-to-mid-90s, it featured an esoteric pattern which we have tried our best to replicate, obviously substituting the Forest elements with Villa markings, and using their 95-96 away colour scheme.


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