Fantasy Kit Friday, 28-7-17

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A nice confluence of events for today’s addition to the FKF canon.

Daniel Gellatley is a top-notch graphic designer – he must be if Simon Shakeshaft uses him for images relating to The Arsenal Shirt like this one…




…and he’s also responsible for the kit graphics on We were delighted, therefore, when Daniel got in touch with a Fantasy Kit Friday suggestion. With Barcelona’s new home shirt employing stripes of various width, he came up with this idea to create a similar effect:



And here it is. In 2004-05, Barca’s socks were actually the reverse of below, but we felt that the extra red on the shirt, compared to the real one, had to be balanced.


And then Daniel had another idea:


And we were happy to accommodate that request too, with the original socks restored.


Which do you prefer? Let us know on Twitter, @museumofjerseys.

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