Fantasy Kit Friday – Manchester United’s 2018-19 in a more traditional format

You might have seen that the 2018-19 Manchester United kit was launched during the week.


The main thrust of the promotional campaign has been to hark back to the railway links that United’s forerunner Newton Heath had, with the grading on the shirt and socks said to somehow resemble tracks.

That’s fine – every club uses PR bullshit when bringing out a new kit – but what is worthy of far more comment is the fact that, for the first time since Newtown Heath became Manchester United, the first-choice shorts are black, while red plays a prominent role on the home socks for the first time since the early 1970s.

To our mind, it’s rather Bayer Leverkusen-y, a lot to take in in one go, as articulated by the Twitter account of the site which charts the club’s kit history:

Further discussions with Daniel Gellatley from led to him suggesting a mocked-up version of the new kit but in the more usual colourway, white shorts and primarily black socks.


Better or worse? Let us know.

4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Manchester United’s 2018-19 in a more traditional format

  1. Bård

    Maybe a bit better, yes. But, that colour grading trend this season (spurs also).. Not feeling it. It´s like a one suit.

    Great website/blog!


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