Fantasy Kit Friday – England in Umbro

As happened last week, it sometimes happens that people make somewhat similar requests for Fantasy Kit Friday, independent of each other, and that’s what we have this week.

First up, Brendan Staunton wondering how England might have looked if they’d stayed with Umbro in the mid-1970s and into the 80s:

Obviously, there’s some licence as the previous Umbro shirts were plain white, but the growing ubiquity of the diamond taping and the inclusion of red and blue (darker than that which Admiral used) mean that that’s the logical choice, albeit with the need to differentiate from the Scotland away kit.

Moving on into the 1980s, we haven’t gone as bold as Admiral did, but vertical and horizontal pinstripes were coming into increasing usage by Umbro. The West Bromwich Albion shirt is the basis for this.

Then, to bring things up to date, we have a request to bring things up to date:

Umbro’s styles this year are quite transferrable and the Everton style makes a good base for a solid England kit.

As always, views and requests are welcome on Twitter @museumofjerseys.

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