Fantasy Kit Friday – Yugoslavia in 2018

As with the Portsmouth FKF of a few weeks ago, today’s instalment is also based on two requests for the same team and, coincidentally, the colour-scheme is the same. This time, though, both suggestions were for the same time period.

Lukas Mladenovsk on Twitter and MusashiX 96 in the comments under last week’s Luton Town FKF both came up with the question as to how Yugoslavia might have looked like at year’s World Cup if the country still existed.

A quick history lesson – the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia came into being in 1945, comprising Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. It was dissolved in 1992 – meaning Yugoslavia didn’t compete in Euro 92, for which it had qualified.

The Yugoslavia name returned to Fifa in 1996, wearing the same blue, white and red colours but it was just Serbia and Montenegro. In 2003, the name was changed to reflect the composition and three years later, Montenegro entered separately from Serbia. The latter then switched to red shirts.

For the purposes of clarity, we don’t have views on the imperialism of the old Yugoslavia, this is merely reflecting requests, just as the Catalonia and Basque Country kits were.

As Lukas suggested, and given adidas’s approach last year, it makes sense to refresh the designs used by Yugoslavia at the 1990 World Cup.

While change kits which are straight reversals of the home are now almost a thing of the past, we have been largely faithful to history here.

Your views on this, and suggestions for future FKFs, are more than welcome. Leave a comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys.

2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Yugoslavia in 2018

  1. MusashiX 96

    Fantastic. If Yugoslavia continued to exist, they would surely have won the recent World Cup using those kits.

    1. Jordi

      Interesting approach, but I think i prefer still the old ones from Yugoslavia in the last 80 and early 90’s.

      Maybe it is nostalgia of a time where we saw the plavi dominating europe in football and basketball both national team speaking and club as with red star in bari 91 and Partizan in 1992 basketball european cup


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