Fantasy Kit Friday, 2-8-19

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Three FKF offerings for you today, stretching a timespan of 35 years or so.

First up, Mick Muldoon was admiring the 1984-86 Ipswich Town shirt – similar, but different, to the France kit of the same time.

He lamented the fact that Manchester United’s strip back then wasn’t as exciting, and wondered how it might have looked in that template.

Then, Kunkuntoto envisioned a world where Juventus moved from Lotto to Nike in 2002 rather than 2003. The 2002-03 Barcelona kit provided the basis.

And finally, bang up to date, Kitman Ramsey felt that the new Liverpool home style could be repurposed into a black Celtic change strip.

Views are welcome, along with requests for future editions. Comment below or on Twitter @museumofjerseys.

3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday, 2-8-19

  1. Jordi

    That united kit is brilliant. The best of this 3 fkf edition.
    It could be a great idea for next season

  2. Andrew Gillan

    Personally, I’ve always felt Juventus kits look best with white shorts and socks, although they have tended to mix things up. It will be interesting to see what the default is with this season’s halved kit.


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