Fantasy Kit Friday – Brighton & Hove Albion double

Today’s request comes from Chris Worrall, who wanted two distinctive striped styles adapted to the colours of Brighton & Hove Albion.

First up, the Southampton 1976 design, produced by Admiral (and previously transposed to Barcelona):

Fast-forward half a decade and Le Coq Sportif were beginning to make a splash in England.

While some of their offerings were very popular, the kit produced for Sunderland had a mixed reaction, as it was white with pairs of chalkstripes.

Chris asked for a white and blue Brighton version – if there is enough appetite, we could also trial the blue with white option.

Feedback, or future requests, can left in the comments below or by tweeting us @museumofjerseys.

1 comment on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Brighton & Hove Albion double

  1. MusashiX 96

    They looks great. FKF idea: Some european teams in early-2000’s Uhlsport template (The one used by Slovenia, Jamaica and Uruguay as examples).


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