10 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Liverpool adidas 2012-19

  1. Some nice designs there but can’t help feel the fans would be up in arms about the similarity of the last 3 home kits. It probably goes against the rules but since the 2018 World Cup was full of retro based bespoke designs, surely it should follow that the 2018/19 shirt would be retro inspired? Maybe a take on the wrapover collars of the late 80s?

    In any case I suspect designs like these not to mention the Warrior/NB era will be looked on with a lot of fondness when the first Liverpool Nike collarless template is released

    1. Hi Richard, Simon mentions in the article that the idea for the 2018-19 kit is to try to reference the 1989-91 shirt? That’s why I put white sock tops too

  2. I’m a Fulham supporter,. Adidas boring always the same, fed up with them this season is our 140 yrs , nothing changed white shirt three stripes….supposed celebration shirt limited ed , to expensive, wrong colour..should have been two tone blues,..then you get a betting comp as sponsor…

  3. Great job as always! What do you think of using the Early-2000’s Uhlsport template for several European teams (English, Spanish, Italian, Germans, etc…)?

  4. Brilliant work, yet again. You’ve managed to make some of Warrior’s hideous designs/colour combinations look good, which takes some doing! One pedantic point – and in a way this is covered by the shading on the 2017+ shirts – but it doesn’t look as though the last 3 home kits have been updated to the darker “Red Pepper”?

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