Fantasy Kit Friday – USA Umbro 1995

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Today’s request comes from the gang at National Football Shirts – check out their great site here.

It’s always enjoyable to do a kit that we haven’t done before and this gets extra marks for the left-field originality – NFS feels, and we agree, that the USA should make more of the hooped style, given the uniqueness it would afford them.

After consultation with them, we decided to do an America change kit too, based on the Celtic third shirt from that same time-period.

Let us know your views – comment below or tweet us @museumofjerseys – the same methods can be used to make future requests.

3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – USA Umbro 1995

  1. Charlie Steele

    Great idea! I agree that the US should use hoops more, it’s a huge part of their national identity. Now, I wanted to bring something to your attention that may or may not be up your alley:

    The MLB has opened a can of worms in terms of having multiple suppliers on their uniforms with Nike taking over their jersey contract starting in 2020. From 2004 – 2019, Majestic Athletic supplied the shirts, with their logo appearing rather inconspicuously on the left sleeve – Starting this year, Nike will be supplying the shirts, and have instead decided to place their logo on the right side of the chest, as is commonly seen in football and basketball – This is causing issues with many baseball fans, particularly traditionalists, but that’s another matter altogether.

    The true issue is the clash with the hats. Since 1993, New Era has been the exclusive on-field supplier of hats for the MLB. This means that every hat worn in game since 1993 has been made by New Era. In 2016, New Era decided to start putting their logo on the left side of the hat (like this,h_560,c_fill,g_auto,f_auto/×560.jpg), which was rather annoying for people like me who had always used the lack of the logo distinguished the official on-field caps from alternative, unofficial fan colourways (on-field:, unofficial: Again, that is a different issue altogether.

    Instead, the real problem is that now uniforms will display two different logos – Nike on the shirts, and New Era on the hats: This is particularly jarring for people like me who care about such inconsequential things. I guess the notable part is that this is happening with every single team across the league this year, and is not a one-off instance that we usually see on here.


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