Best Nike Barcelona home kit poll – the results

We were overwhelmed with the positive response to Monday’s Barcelona kit poll – there were nearly 2,000 visitors and it has led us to think that a poll on their Nike away strips would be a good idea, too.

From the responses on Twitter, there was a strong favourite and so it proved as it came out on top. In reverse order, here is the top three:

In third place, 2009-10, a classic style with subtle gold trim. The fact that it was sandwiched by two Champions League-winning seasons hasn’t affected its perception and 8.1 percent of voters went with it.

Then, in second is another fairly traditional-looking striped kit, 2014-15 – of course, that was the most recent time Barça that won the Champions League. A total of 8.8 percent of respondents backed it.

The solid sleeves were perhaps a move away from the ‘classic’ Barcelona layout, though the cuffs were grenadine on the back. The Catalan senyera was a nice inclusion on the neck.

Which brings us to our winner, one which remains very popular despite being the second of 23 Barcelona Nike home kits. However, the shirt created to mark the club’s centenary was the longest-serving one as it was released mid-way through 1998-99 and was remained until the end of 1999-2000. It received 15.1 percent of votes.

While non-striped Barcelona shirts are often criticised, this was notable for being the first one in a generation not to be striped – though of course one could argue that there was one grenadine stripe and one blue one (one could also make the case that the 1997-98 European kit was more halved than striped). The 1899 and 1999 dates proudly straddled the crest, while this was still a time when the badge was above the Nike swoosh.

A vote to find the best example of something doesn’t necessarily mean that the one with the fewest in favour was necessarily the worst, but, in case you were wondering, last place was actually shared by three – 2011-12, 2017-18 and the outgoing 2019-20, all of which received 1.3 percent.

The full list of results reads as follows:

Position           Season             Percentage

1                      Centenary       15.1
2                      2014-15           8.8
3                      2009-10           8.1
4                      2010-11           7.9
5                      1998-99           5.4
5                      2005-06           5.4
5                      2016-17           5.4
8                      2007-08           5.3
9                      2008-09           4.8
10                    2003-04           3.9
11                    2004-05           3.7
12                    2000-01           3.2
13                    2013-14           2.9
14                    2002-03           2.8
15                    2012-13           2.6
16                    2001-02           2.4
17                    2020-21           2.3
18                    2018-19           2.2
19                    2015-16           2.0
20                    2006-07           1.8
21                    2011-12           1.3
21                    2017-18           1.3
21                   2019-20           1.3

1 comment on “Best Nike Barcelona home kit poll – the results

  1. Jordi

    Great poll but i could not vote.

    Interesting to see how the voters choosed the best 3 and worst 3 and all of them are from the 2010 2020 period. Maybe due to us having a broader international exposure?

    Personal y speaking 2003 04 which is Ronaldinho’s first shirt and 06 07 and the next season 07 08 are some of the few home shirts from Nike that i like.

    Another great shirt was 2016 17 inspired in meyba european champions of 91 92.

    I would like to see if the votes would change by nationality

    Looking forward to see the away poll


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