8 thoughts on “The Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens – part 1

  1. I do not really see the point of this that players with wrong numbers keeping them. Give a player like Baros a proper striker number instead of having him that ugly #5.

  2. 2000 Madrid doesn’t have the corrected graphic listed, just the real-life example twice.

  3. Great article as always!
    One thing – for the 2000 entry, you’ve put Madrid’s actual lineup twice.

  4. You want the Great Dane in goal for Man United in ’99 – Bosnich joined that summer

    1. Apologies Stef, completely my fault and not Jim’s, fixed now. Funnily enough, it was entirely coincidental that Bosnich’s name appeared as the pitch graphic had most recently been used for a 1994 Aston Villa side!

  5. AC Milan 2003, would have gone 2. Costacurta, 5 Pirlo and 6 Nesta. Nesta wears 6 for Italy when playing 1-11 in qualifiers and friendlies and Pirlo was 5 in Brescia.

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