6 thoughts on “The Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens – part 2

  1. Just do a proper 1-to-11 that would be WAY more interesting to read. That means not letting players keeping their original numbers.

    In that case it would look like this. Please fix.

    9. Mandzukic
    7. Ribery – 10. Müller – 11. Robben
    8. Schweinsteiger – 6. Martinez
    3. Alaba – 5. Dante – 4. Boateng – 2. Lahm
    1. Neuer

    1. Anyone can just assign 1 to 11 based on standard positions – it’s not hard and it’s not interesting. Every post would end up being identical. Doing it this way is more of a challenge and the end product is much more engaging, so the format won’t change, no matter how many times you ask.

      1. “Product is much more engaging”. Really? This is just reordering strange numbering that several times looks even more strange. Just look at these.
        Abidal in #11, Nesta in #2, Carragher in #11 (!), Traore in #9 (!!), Xabi A in #2 (!!!), Helguera in #10 (!!!!).

        Squad numbering should be about keeping it simple, correct and traditional. Doing renumbering like this just ends up being nonsense.

    2. Hi P,

      Thanks for getting in touch – reader engagement is always welcome!

      Nobody likes a neat and tidy 1-11 more than I do but I feel that such an approach to these would be nice but boring. The challenge lies in accommodating the philistines who wear the ‘wrong’ 1-11 numbers.

      That said, if there was any series of articles along those lines you’d like to do, I’d be happy to do the requisite illustrations.

      Denis (MOJ)

  2. I absolutely love when fullbacks are wearing attacking numbers like 11 and 7!

    And on that note, I couldn’t disagree more with those requesting a strict 1-11 assignment. Everyone can do that in their head, so what’s the point?

  3. For Milan 2007, my suggestion as follows:
    1. Dida
    2. Oddo – right back makes sense.
    3. Maldini
    6. Nesta – in 1-11 numbering Nesta wears 6 and should be given to him.
    11. Jankulovski – he actually plays midfield as well so not too alien.
    4. Seedorf – he has actually worn his number at times in his career.
    5. Pirlo – his number at Brescia
    7. Ambrosini
    10. Kaka – the main man for this team getting the No 10.
    9. Inzaghi.

    If you want Seedorf to keep 10m then Kaka 7 and Ambrosini 4.

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