7 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – a misspent youth, part 1

  1. Absolutely brilliant. As someone else who created fictional teams, kits and even stadia (usually in the columns and end pages of schoolbooks!) this resonates fiercely. Building clubs in PES Master League brought me back to those times, but this is another level entirely. Love it!

  2. 100% into this! Me and my brother both did this, and even now, some 25 years later, we often talk about our made up teams and players!

  3. Amazing! Growing up in Canada, I was exposed to and interested in many sports so I did this for not only football, but also for baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and American football, all to varying degrees of specificity. Sadly, much of the “work” was done on an old computer that I no longer have access to so the data is gone, but the memories remain!
    My older brother used to tease me about it, but he joined in on one occasion. In the Gamecube game NHL Hitz 2002, you could create teams, but you had to make up players to go with them. For some reason they only let you choose each player’s last name from a list of pre-recorded audio clips (I guess hearing the commentator saying your players’ names added a sense of realism), and my brother and I still joke about them some twenty years later!

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