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  1. I want to know in my Master League, what numbers should I give my subs based on position. I would give the GK 12, but it is retired for the fans. I play the 4-4-2, 3-4-2-1 and 3-4-1-2 formations most regularly. There are lots of takes, and I take Museum of Jerseys as gospel a bit too much, but I am interested to know your suggestions on what positions should be the numbers 13-26. A thing to note, I make 6 the defensive midfielder because it makes more sense for the backline to be 2345. Anyone can answer!

  2. As you said only Brazilians’ would know why 1958 squad had GKs in 1 and 3, here is a Brazilian with the answer. Brazil didn’t sent the squad numbers in time, so it was semi-randomly assigned by the organization. The “semi” here is because some players were known from 1954, as the backup GK Castilho, hence he was assigned 1. Gilmar wasn’t known at all, got #3 by chance (by the way, you wrote “Felix” where it should be “Gilmar” in the 1-11 board). And yes, Pelé got #10 by chance at that World Cup. After all, he was only 17 and started the competition in the bench.

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