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  1. Congratulations, I’m really enjoying your series. As a Brazilian, though, I should point out some misconceptions. The 4-2-3-6 backline is actually an Uruguayan style, not Argentina’s or Santos’ (which is 4-2-6-3); and the traditional Brazilian back line is also different, it is 2-3-4-6. The reason for the emergency of Santos’ and Brazil’s traditional system, and why we ended up like Uruguay in 1970, is found in my article published here in MoJ.


  2. I get it that the method for 1to11fy was to keep original 1-11 numbers and only change the others: of course that renumber everyone in a traditional national 1-11 system would be easy and not half as fun. But another fun way to do that in the particular cases of 1978 and 1982 is to renumber in the subsystem used by Argentina and Italy, but restricting it to the starting 11. This would give us the following numbering:

    Argentina 78 (purely alphabetical): 3 Fillol; 8 Olguín, 5 Galván, 10 Passarella, 11 Tarantini; 4 Gallego, 1 Ardiles, 6 Kempes; 2 Bertoni, 7 Luque, 9 Ortiz

    Italy 82 (block numbering, alphabetical inside blocks): 1 Zoff; 6 Scirea, 2 Bergomi, 4 Collovati, 5 Gentili, 3 Cabrini; 7 Oriali, 8 Tardelli; 9 Conti, 10 Graziani; 11 Rossi

    A fun fact is that Italy had a block specifically for the designated wings prior to the tournament (Graziani was numbered as an attacker, but Conti as a wing).

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